7 Best Indian Photographers on Instagram you must follow this World Nature Photography Day
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Did you ever enjoy a flower picture? Or a bee landing in close proximity at the entrance to its hive? Did you marvel at the grace of a gazelle jumping through the Savannah, or the lumbering majesty of a rare elephant feeding on the largest trees or drawing water from a watering hole? If so, you understand what the natural world around us is to marvel at. Nature Photography Day celebrates those wonderful souls who can capture the beauty of nature in a camera’s eye.

Here we bring the list of 7 incredible photographers you must follow:

1.Sudhir Shivaram@sudhirshivaram250k

An educational engineer who left his lengthy and thriving career in the IT sector for his love of nature wildlife photography, Sudhir Shivaram is now one of the largest names in India and around the globe when it comes to wildlife photography.  He is not only a full-time teacher of photography but also an award-winning photographer, former Canon India Brand Ambassador and founder of India Nature Watch, a famous photo sharing site. Sudhir inspired and encouraged many, not just through his talks, but through social media as well.

2.Shaazjung@shaazjung 221k

A naturalist, large cat tracker, and ace wildlife photographer now running wildlife camps in South India and Africa and also a filmmaker, Shaaz Jung has his own distinctive presentation style.  He mixes photography with art, leading in a lovely mood with jaw-dropping images. Not just his pictures, but his words are extremely beautiful. He combines these three gems-photography, art and words on his social media posts. Owing to his extra-ordinary leopard and black panther pictures of Kabini, he is often known as‘ The leopard man of India’ among photography circles.  He is currently working for a wildlife film with National Geographic.

3.Shivang Mehta@shivang.mehta 20.3k

At present, Shivang Mehta is Canon India’s official brand ambassador. He has earned a number of national and domestic prizes and has given countless talks on conservation and photography of wildlife and nature. Shivang Mehta has photography skills for big cats and other mammals. His views and angles are extraordinarily distinctive. Creativity is what distinguishes his photos from the ordinary sharp and well-managed usual shots of wildlife. He, who was originally a journalist and then a PR professional, is now a full-time wildlife photographer, a Canon trainer, running his Nature Wanderers company. Shivang is doing a lot of picture tours through India and Africa.

4.Rathika Ramasamy@rathikaramasamy 46.1k

An educational engineer and MBA, Rathika is India’s first woman wildlife photographer. Since she was a child she has been shooting and was persuaded to follow photography as her profession right after being captivated by the birders-Bharatpur paradise. Most of her works come from Corbett and Bharatpur. Not just a photographer, but a keen birder as well. She also holds workshops for lovers of photography.


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5.Jayanth Sharma@jayanth_sharma 26.3k

Jayanth Sharma isTOEHOLD’s co-founder and CEO, one of India’s leading photography and travel company. Jayanth travels tremendously, photographing Asia, America, Europe, and Africa’s wildlife.  Jayanth has received many national and international accolades and exhibited his work in prestigious places. He combines wildlife with fine art elements thus giving a visual treat to the viewers.  He conducts photo tours and workshops all-round the year. He is also a wonderful speaker and talks about wildlife and nature photography.

6.Arati Kumar Rao@aratikumarrao 74.2k

A photographer and environment writer, Arati is also a National Geographic Explorer.  Words, photography, and art extend her profile on social media. She writes about climate change and impacts on South Asian populations. She is also contributing to Instagram to @EverydayClimateChange and @EverydayExtinction. Her works have been published in many magazines and newspapers, and photographs awarded and exhibited in India and internationally. She is currently writing a book which will capture environmental degradation and the challenges to freshwater.

7.Kalyan Varma@kalyanvarma 22.4k

With a degree of Mechanical Engineering, Kalyan Varma is a wildlife photographer, filmmaker, naturalist, and explorer.  He is the co-founder of Nature InFocus and founder of India Nature Watch. He has ongoing projects with BBC, NatGeo Wild, and Netflix and has successfully worked with NatGeo, BBC and Discovery channel in the past. He has been to numerous places around the world and has experienced a great amount of biodiversity. He also captures breathtaking marine and underwater pictures.  Kalyan works for conservation too and is active with Nature Conservation Foundation. With the help of his efforts, the wildlife film Wild Karnataka has been successfully released recently. Kalyan has a number of international photography awards in titles in his name.


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Physical contact is a very important part of social bonds in zebra families. . . . #mara #kenya #africa #zebra

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These are the photographers whose Instagram profiles are heaven for any photography lover .Do check them once and thank us later:)

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