‘Agar helmet nahi lagayega toh tera time ayega ‘: Delhi traffic cop raps on road safety, spread awareness.
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After his wife suffered numerous injuries as a result of a road accident, the Delhi police officer, Sandeep Sahi, went to social media on Tuesday to raise awareness about road safety.

The 37-year-old coined a youth-oriented message saying, “Agar helmet Nahi lagayega toh tera time aayega” (if you’re not wearing the helmet, you’re going to have a poor time on the roads). This is comparable to the sensational rap song from the film Gully Boy titled “Apna time aayega,” which had Ranveer Singh playing the part of the protagonist.

Since he uploaded it, Sandeep’s video message has been surfacing the web.

I got to learn about a viral media clip. People are very casual about road safety and are unwilling to follow the laws of traffic. So, I thought that making individuals conscious of it was my duty. Either people drive, they are pedestrians or they take public transport. In order to have a prolonged life, knowledge of road safety and its rules is imperative, Shahi said while speaking to ANI”.

Reportedly Shahi’s wife, Pinky, experienced deep wounds on her legs and forehead six years ago.

Shahi added, “I was deeply harmed when my wife was injured in the road accident. I also see many young individuals taking traffic rules very lightly, so I decided to write this rap, it was the best way to communicate with the youth.

Shahi also distributed true and authorized helmets out of his savings to the needy. Till date, more than 700 helmets have been distributed to individuals who have forged ones.

Shahi also exhibited numerous placards with texts reading’ mastishk Suraksha kawach (helmet is the safety equipment for your head) and’ Hamesha ISI mark waala helmet pehnein (one should always wear helmets with an ISI mark on them)‘ underlining the purchase of counterfeit helmets.

On asking for the reactions of people he answered, “Sometimes they smile, they look confused and sometimes embarrassed, but they always promise me to obey security guidelines.


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