Anjana Om Kashyap and height of journalism these days!
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Several TV news channels appear to have abandoned anything that resembles ethical journalism or empathic coverage in the search to be number one.  Anchors forget any semblance of decency to get the tale, and it’s not even about having the tale sometimes. It’s just about making a ruckus and grabbing eyeballs.

1. Aaj Tak’s executive editor, Anjana Om Kashyap, heckled physicians in Bihar, treating kids with ICU encephalitis, asking them about the circumstances it was in the hospital.

Television news anchor Anjana Om Kashyap’s live broadcast from the Shri Krishna Medical College Hospital in Muzaffarpur on Bihar’s Acute Encephalitis Syndrome drew sharp responses on Twitter as the anchor entered the ICU and prevented physicians and attendants from interviewing them on their paths.

2. Another video showed a journalist on comparable lines harassing physicians in Bihar.

দেখুন বিজেপি শাসিত বিহারে ১৩০ শিশুমৃত্যুর আসল সত্যশুনুন সত্য SKMCH ডাক্তারদের মুখেধিক্কার বিজেপি#FAM4TMC

Posted by All India Trinamool Congress – AITC Supporters on Tuesday, June 18, 2019


3.Anand Narasimhan’s strange visual flying around while covering the Indian elections in an animated quadcopter.

When flying and reporting go side by side!(photo:news18)

4. One channel recreated a bathroom environment, wine glass et al while covering the news of Sridevi’s death.

A still from the ABP News set!

Another reporter, while covering the Sridevi story, even jumped into a real bath. Completely disgusting and completely unnecessary!


You need to be in a bathtub to cover a story nowadays!


5. One channel ran a ridiculous piece claiming aliens were kidnapping the downed AN-32 aircraft on board that murdered all 13.

Journalists have lost their soul. Instead of fighting for the right thing and bringing the truth to light, the end game nowadays is to get attention by any necessary means, regardless of who gets hurt in the process. It’s been the death knell for watchful news, and it’s a tragic loss for us all.

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