Area 51 jokes continues to be in Trend. Here are some !

Nevada’s Area 51, which has been unavailable to individuals for a long time, is back in the news. It is a top-secret military base, and it is strictly prohibited to trespass. Yet right now it’s in the media, and it all began as a joke!

Area 51 is the renowned military installation in the globe that does not formally exist but is thought to be a place for covert operations in the Cold War. For curious souls, crackpots, and conspiracy theorists it has been a magnet for a long time. Although they may be just rumors and there may be no reality to support the conviction that Area 51 is a shelter for aliens and UFOs, it is evident that the U.S. government has been holding secrets in this region for centuries.


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The present buzz began as a joke, causing a mob to invade this top-secret military base by accident. It began with a message from Facebook, which gradually began to gain momentum; the said joke ultimately became a cause of concern for U.S. military officials.

Starting out as an internet joke turned into a full-blown case that was RSVP’s by 5 lakh individuals raiding Area 51 and “seeing them aliens“. “If you’ve ever wanted to see an alien in true life, that’s just the chance.”

On June 27, California’s Matty Roberts developed this Facebook page as a joke, turning it into a piece of big news now. Almost everyone knows that the gathering of the desert is scheduled for September 20, from where they are supposed to meet at Area 51 and make an entry at 3 am, according to the case. The page also contains instructions that read, “If we run naruto, we can move faster than their bullets. Let’s look at them, aliens”

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The list of guests is growing, with individuals being marked as’ going.’ While most individuals are thought to accept this event as a satire, it will be a large problem if thousands of individuals are suddenly beginning to flood this top-secret region.

Roberts said the website he produced was never intended to be taken literally, but satirically. He believes most individuals may actually have their true significance, there are others who have been over-excited.

Here are some of the trending jokes:

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