A’Wall of Hope’ built using 15,000 discarded plastic bottles near Mussoorie.

A 1500 feet long and 12 feet elevated “Wall of Hope” built using 15,000 discarded bottles gathered from multiple sources in Mussoorie and the surrounding area to encourage visitors to practice ‘ No littering ‘ on Tuesday was revealed by the village’s gram Pradhan at Bungalow ki Kandi village near Mussoorie.

The wall was intended by Goa Museum’s founder, Subodh Kerkar. “The wall was constructed with the assistance of more than 50 volunteers from universities and universities across Mussoorie and village females from the village of’ Bangalow Ki Kandi”.

The structure was constructed as part of the Hilldaari project to raise awareness of plastic waste management and the significance of plastic-free environment creation.

Sanjay Khajuria, the multinational company’s manager of corporate relations said, “The wall of hope means our collective dedication to raising the consciousness of plastic waste management through upcycling, which is a creative way to reuse plastic water bottles”.

Our endeavor was to use art to send a powerful message of’ litter free mountains‘ through the wall of hope. We hope this collaboration will enable us in the coming years to make an impact and inspire change that will pave the way for a better and beautiful future.

Reena Rangad, Sarpanch, Banglo Ki Kandi, said, “The facility will attract more visitors to the region as well as spread the message of accountable waste management. I hope that the project will promote up-cycling and waste recycling and add to the financial well-being of the area’s individuals.”

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