Crabs in Maharashtra get arrested after minister blames it for dam breach

After a minister claimed that the crustaceans were liable for a dam violation in coastal Maharashtra, a Nationalist Congress Party leader Friday handed over some crabs to the authorities.

NCP employees led by party secretary-general Jitendra Awhad went with crabs in hand into the Naupada police station, urging the cops to “arrest” them. Thursday Minister of Water Resources Tanaji Sawant said that the violation in Ratnagiri district’s Tiware dam, which claimed 18 lives, was caused by crabs hollowing out its wall.

Awhad said the BJP-led state government was shameless when he spoke to journalists, and Sawant was attempting to safeguard the contractor who was liable for the tragedy.“Twenty-three individuals have been washed away, some are still missing, but the minister claims the dam was weakened by crabs,” he said.

source: NDTV

In Kolhapur, the youth wing of the NCP provided Shahupuri Police Station with a memorandum requesting the registration of a’ case’ against crabs. “If the minister thinks crabs caused the violation, then a case for murder against the crabs should be recorded under section 302 of the IPC,” said NCP state youth wing chief Mehboob Sheik.

Around 9:30 p.m. on Tuesday, July 2, the dam water broke its walls, flooding numerous downstream villages and washing away many buildings alongside.

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