Delhi’s Most Google Searched Phrase Has Been ‘Marry Kashmiri Girls’ After Scrapping Of Article 370

When Home Minister Amit Shah announced on Monday that it was abolished Article 370 which provides unique status to the state of Jammu & Kashmir, many rejoiced while many stayed paranoid because they were unable to reach their families back in the valley.

For the search for ‘kashmiri girls’, Kerala topped the list, with Jharkhand at number two, and Himachal Pradesh at three (source: indiatimes)

The country was thrown into a tizzy soon after the news of the abrogation of Article 370. The nation was split between celebrating and opposing the judgment. But some of them had a completely distinct perspective. Google showed a sharp rise in search terms such as ‘marry kashmir girl’ and ‘kashmiri girls’ the day after the abrogation news on August 5.

Delhi tops the list (source: indiatimes)

It turns out that Delhi was at the top place searching for “marry kashmir girl,” followed by Maharashtra and Karnataka, deeper into these statistics.

For the search for kashmiri girls, Kerala topped the list, with Jharkhand at number two, and Himachal Pradesh at three.

The search volume speaks a lot. (source: indiatimes)

Other popular searches were ‘buy land in kashmir‘ from Jharkhand, Delhi and Haryana. Another was “how to buy land in Kashmir”, from Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra. 

A user who goes with the name of Good Guy on Twitter, thanked prime minister Narendra Modi because he had “started getting alliances from Kashmiri girls in DM,” followed by a heart emoji.

There was no specific limitation on marrying males and females from Kashmir before Article 370 was abolished, but if a Kashmiri female married a non-Kashmiri guy, she would not inherit any property in the region.

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