Discovery Channel’s ‘AccheDin’ is here-Narendra Modi with Bear Grylls

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be seen in a fresh avatar on August 12 when he and Bear Grylls, the host of the famous TV show ‘ Man vs Wild ‘ on Discovery Channel, venture into the desert of Uttarakhand.

Months after India witnessed the deadliest ever militant attack on its safety forces in Jammu and Kashmir, there continues some mystery about what Prime Minister Narendra Modi was doing  on February 14, when the suicide bombing took place, and around 7 p.m. that day when he was seen leaving Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand – and precisely when he was notified of the attack.

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A newly released promo of the ‘ Man Vs Wild ‘ series on the Discovery channel is likely to reopen questions on Modi’s timetable that day – which the opposition said was devoted to a government relations practice that he chose not to give up in a suicide attack despite the deaths of dozens of CRPF staff.

Allegations were also made that Modi was shooting “three hours after the Pulwama attack.” Thanks to Discovery, we now at least understand that Modi was on an “epic lifetime adventure” that day, receiving survival courses from British reality TV star Bear Grylls.

The show will premiere and will be displayed in over 180 nations and states that the unique episode featuring Bear Grylls, survivor and adventurer, filmed at Jim Corbett National Park in India, will be a “free-wheeling trip.

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When I was questioned about a unique program focusing on life beyond politics–and that in the midst of nature as well–I was both fascinated and inclined to participate in it,” Modi was cited in a declaration.

I’ve lived in nature, in the hills and in the woods for years. It has a lasting effect on my life these years. So when I was questioned about a unique program focusing on life beyond politics and that I was also fascinated and inclined to participate in it in the midst of nature.”

For me, this show presents a great opportunity to showcase to the world India’s rich environmental heritage and emphasize on the importance of environment conservation and living in harmony with nature.

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The trailer of the episode was released by Bear Grylls, a renowned adventurer and host of the Man vs Wild show on Discovery and look how Twitterati reacts: 

Here’s the trailer

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