Haryana man pushed his gifted BMW into river as he wanted Jaguar

Haryana man is fortunate as his parents gave him a BMW as a gift. But the man wanted a Jaguar, and with his gift wasn’t all that happy. So guess what he did? In a fit of anger, he pushed his brand new BMW into a river.

Are you ever given a gift from your parents that you hated so strongly that you believed you’d destroy it? We think your answer might be no because it’s very rare that someone might dislike their gift like that. But we seem to be wrong.


Source: DNA

On Friday, a young man from Haryana’s Yamunanagar pushed his new car into a fit of anger in a river because he didn’t like the gift he received.

Apparently, his parents presented a BMW instead of a Jaguar that he demanded, and thus he pushed it into a river, police said.

When the youth was plunging the high-end BMW car into the river, he made a video and put it on social media also

Because of a patch of tall grass, the vehicle later stuck in the center of the river. Later, with the assistance of local divers, the youth was seen attempting to get the vehicle out of the river. A case has been registered in the matter by police.




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