This is how England is now uniting Pakistan and Indian fans In world cup.

India-Pakistan sports rivalry is something about which they create films, but for most of us, what we see in this World Cup is beyond imagination.

Yes, now England and Pakistan are fighting for the fourth place, so that’s the case, but at this stage, the sheer amount of individuals coming out to help India is just overwhelming.

Seeing Pakistan making a drastic World Cup comeback is likely to have made England more anxious as their remaining matches are against India and New Zealand before they can get to the semi-finals. Pakistan’s win over Afghanistan on Saturday added spice to the semi-final race putting a lot of pressure on England’s 8-point hosts after playing 7 World Cup games in 2019. Actually, on the points table, Pakistan had driven England down to the 5th place and had 9 points 8 games.

For the greater cause, the arch-rivals India and Pakistan have put their rivalries on hold-to uproot England hosts from their home soil and possibly from the showpiece event to meet each other in the semi-finals or perhaps the big finals.

I mean the amount is large enough to trend ‘ Jai Hind ‘ on Pakistani Twitter today by ‘ overwhelming. ‘


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