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7 amazing movies based on Father Son relationship you must watch!

Throughout our timeline, we watched a pile of father-son relationship films in which some fathers were unrefined, some were morons, some were Superman, and some were non-idealistic, but one thing was prevalent in all these traits— good or bad, they were still fathers. On this Father’s Day, we present these 7 father-son based relationship films that ensure to make you laugh and at the same moment get misty-eyed.

Happy Father’s Day


Best renowned for his tremendous re-watching ability, ‘ The Godfather ‘ is a tale about a son’s fight (Al Pacino) to acknowledge and eventually live up to his father’s legacy (Marlon Brando) left him (no matter how honorable or diabolical the legacy is).I’m sure you’ll get to know why ‘ The Godfather ‘ is deemed a milestone in the history of filmmaking after completing this film.


This heart-wrenching film is a real proof of the love a dad has for his son, from a comedy to a fight for survival. Originally produced in Italian, Life is Beautiful (La Vita e Bella) outlines its colleagues, emphasizing that it is above all else that human spirit is.


Winner of two Academy Awards, ‘ There Will Be Blood ‘ is a strong and emotionally draining film that is widely valued by cinema enthusiasts for presenting the theme in a highly promised and confident way. Counting among one of the most famous father-son relationship films, ‘ There Will Be Blood ‘ stars Daniel Day-Lewis as a self-assured father and Dillon Freasier as a silent son.


The third installment and possibly the best of the Indiana Jones series, this film is widely adorned by cinema crazies for showing flawless chemistry between Sean Connery as a father and Harrison Ford as a son.’Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade ‘ is undoubtedly an action-pack flick, but it’s the father-son relationship that’s considered the core of this film.


The Pursuit of Happiness’ is an uplifting film based on the real tale of Chris Gardner, an eminent American multi-millionaire businessman struggling from down-with-luck to luck-on-foot status. Will Smith played a wonderful dad trying to safeguard himself and his son of pre-school age (played by Jaden Smith) from becoming roofless while at the same moment attempting to work in the stock competitive sector.Go on and watch this film! You’re going to laugh, you’re going to cry, you’re going to applaud, and you’re going to understand why the masses deserve to take this film in.

6.FINDING NEMO(8.1/10)

Finding Nemo’ is a brilliantly animated masterpiece, one of the largest grossing movies ever. Directed by Andrew Stanton, Finding Nemo portrays the tale of an over-protective clownfish (Marlin), finding his lost and only child to survive, Nemo. Finding Nemo is a must-see film.

7.BIG FISH (8.0/10)

Big Fish’ is a captivating film based on the novel of the same name in which a dad, confined to his deathbed, opens to his son a catalog of amazing stories as a young adult. Tim Burton and Billy Crudup directed this touching film as William Bloom, an alienated son, and Albert Finney as a dying dad, Edward Bloom. It was Ewan McGregor who gained tremendous popularity in playing young Edward Bloom’s part.

At last, We really want to thanks all the Dads for being amazing all the time.

You Guys are Heroes!

Happy Father’s Day!

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