Saurav Bhagat – Co-Founder of Yuvagasm Media

SAURAV BHAGAT is an experienced digital marketer and SEO Trainer from New Delhi, India. He loves to play with the search engine’s algorithm to provide rich organic service to his clients. He has been working with Next Big Brand and Uppskill for quite some time now after starting his media platform Yuvagasm.

Earlier he started his career by launching his own startup by the name of Trueboox but later it got shut down due to some legal policy issues. Nonetheless, he started his own media house under the name of Yuvagasm Media, a sarcastic content-based portal for youth.

Saurav Bhagat’s expertise lies primarily in SEO, which he seeks to make as creative and original while not bending the search engine rules. Being an organic search enthusiast with 4+ years of Google search experience with different SEO strategies, he enjoys working hard to close the gap between traditional SEO activities and user experience to keep brands ahead in the rapidly changing digital age.

Who is Saurav Bhagat?

Saurav Bhagat is the Chief Editor and Co-Founder of Yuvagasm Media, a sarcastic content-based media platform for the youth of India.  He is an experienced Digital Marketer and storyteller with half a decade of experience. He also runs a youtube channel under the same name. Professionally, he helps people in scaling up their online businesses by helping them rank higher on SERP (Search Engine Result Page) and for offline ones, He also helps them in ranking higher on local listings.
With more than half a decade of experience in the field, he has helped numerous business owners in scaling up their revenue.


Saurav is inclined towards brands and brand story-telling from the past half a decade.

Five years back when I started my journey as a freelance content creator, I had never thought that I’d gradually be moving towards consultancy in digital marketing.
My journey as a consultant has not only enabled me to earn but also to learn and acquire practical knowledge in digital marketing.
Nevertheless, I have never undermined theoretical and bookish knowledge, and yet, it is the major contributor to my career development. The intrinsic part of my life is learning, researching, mentoring and training. It is out of love, not by any compulsion, that I’ve channelled my energy into digital marketing training.
I’m also a true believer of storytelling for a brand and have helped several ones in framing and executing their brand story lineup. Starting from a small village of Naugachia in Bihar to reaching to this position in New Delhi, I must say, my efforts really paid off!

Saurav shares his little secret

As for SEO training sessions, I had the opportunity to do the same for people from different walks of life including MBA freshers, start-up entrepreneurs, marketing managers and even digital novices. Sometimes I get the privilege to be the youngest person in the classroom but the responsibility and ability to upskill my students have always overshadowed my young age. As it has been greatly written:

With great power (knowledge) comes greater responsibility!

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