Telangana School girls forced to cut off their hair to save water

Tribal Girls Gurukul School in Telangana’s Medak forced 150 girls to cut off their hair because they didn’t have enough water in the hostel to bathe frequently.

Last week, school principal Aruna Reddy employed barbers to shorten the students ‘ hair, according to reports. Apparently, the students were forced to pay Rs 25 for the hair cut they didn’t even want first.

However, when the students ‘ parents came to the college to bring them back on Saturday, they were shocked to see the hair missing from their daughters. They offended the fact that before making such a choice, the college officials had not sought their permission.

The educators and the principal, however, asserted that it was a needed move because the hostel was experiencing a water crisis.


Source: The News Minute

We have students in our hostel from the first to the fifth standard. With their readiness, we’ve had their hair cut. Since April, there has been a serious water shortage and even washing the clothes and taking baths frequently has become hard for the students.

However, the principal also indicated that the move was taken in conjunction with the water crisis, given the girls ‘ hygiene problems as they suffered from lice infection and other dermatological illnesses.

Sudhakar toured the college on Tuesday following the instructions of the collector and interacted with pupils, employees, and parents.

I’ve come to understand that some parents have even attacked the wrong employees. Since an inquiry has been ordered, action would be taken against those responsible for the girl students ‘ haircut, after receiving the report, ”the Collector told The New Indian Express.

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