The advertisement of this Purifier on ‘ Pure Vegetarian Water ‘ has triggered hilarious response on Internet.

A water purifier advertisement claiming to give vegetarian water has become viral on social media. It also triggered hilarious Internet responses.

Have you ever heard of water ‘ pure and vegetarian?’ Yes, re-read that. We’re discussing water. Not food. A water purifier advertisement claiming to provide “pure & vegetarian” water has become viral on social media and hilarious views have emerged on the web.

The ad has been published in a newspaper, and a clipping of it is widely circulated on the internet. “Pure vegetarian water? Must be a gimmick of advertising!” is the line the ad starts with – in an effort to describe the consumer’s first response-followed by a paragraph which reads: “It’s not actually.

The water purifier of this particular brand ensures that germs are “removed” in order to obtain “pure and vegetarian” water.

Twitter cannot detect the intensity of this advertisement. “Water is non-veg and India is harmed beyond repair. The circus goes on,” read a tweet while another user said: “Lool what this nonsense is. Hope they drinkΒ  harpic to kill their gut bacteria too?

However, most users have a common question: “Since when did waterΒ  become veg /non-veg?” Well, we’re at a loss of words but there’s a lot to say on the internet.



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