Instagram Resume of 20 year old girl made her hired for Deloitte India.
instagram grab @hireankitachawla

While all of us were busy surfing social media through memes, a 20-year-old came ahead and created her Insta feed a resume – an Instagram resume!

Ankita Chawla, an influencer of Instagram, has lifted the bar to apply for employment with 17.5 K supporters. A digital resume is turning into a trend and this girl decided to use the unconventional way to create a digital resume for herself. She turned the photo gallery for her account into a creative resume. She used her creative abilities to make her resume and posted it on her profile as a 24-picture collage.

instagram resume

resume by ankita

She produced an Instagram-resume for prospective employers to display her skill set and has been hired at Deloitte India as a content creator. She spoke of this creative approach,

I remember that we had returned from our internships and most of my colleagues talked about the locations they were going to attend because they had received pre-placement offers. And I remember feeling awful sitting there because I was unemployed… I scrolled through my feed in one of these dull lessons. That’s when I realized I need to do something differently if I need to get my employers ‘ attention.”

The ideating portion of the resume took about 5 hours, while it took about 60 hours to execute and illustrate it. When asked about her idea’s potential failure, she reportedly said, “I was a little skeptical at first because it wasn’t a traditional format that an employer is used to seeing. I realized my curriculum was a mistake among the other resume that was going out and I realized that brought with it an opportunity of failure and criticism, but I ultimately embraced it.”

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