Time for a Change and Equality for Everyone feat. Bois Locker Room

A few days back, we saw that some screenshots were getting viral from an Instagram group called ‘Boi’s Locker Room’.  Later on, there were ‘Girl’s Locker Room’ page coming up. The Instagram group as ‘Boi’s Locker Room” was mostly having South Delhi Boys as predicted at the initial stage of the investigation. One of a young boy who was a part of it took a harsh step and did suicide. But when further investigation took place, we got to know that there were some fake accounts made by girls just to defame some boys.

These acts by minors depict that the thought process is getting worse day by day. It is needed to work on the same or else the mindset of the people will take the wrong direction. When we were a kid we remember we were not having a simple keypad phone. We do raise a question here to parents that is it really necessary to provide your kids with smartphones and even if you provide why you don’t monitor the same. No matter its girl’s phone or a boy’s phone, privacy like this will always increase the crime rates.

Discussing how to rape, is this the thing you want your child to do? Though investigations proved that there was a fake account, but think about it. Fake accounts are being used by a person only not a robot. So, these kinds of acts clearly show us that somewhere the upbringing is going wrong. I am not saying this to defame anyone, but somewhere it is a bitter truth. Our upbringing matters.
Above all these, we have seen very well that laws are not too strict. These acts state very well that these things are not to be ignored. We need to have a better way to deal with this.

I would recommend that when at a young age when you teach your child not to talk to strangers, teach them to respect the opposite gender too. No matter the child is a girl or a boy, everyone deserves to be respected. The Right to Privacy should not be misused otherwise the outcome of it will be worse than anyone can ever think of. The government should make laws related to such kinds of acts and these people should too go to juvenile centers, I think that’s a better place than home because until and unless one comes out from there comfort zone, they don’t realize the value.

While these issues were going on, a line too was circulated, saying, “Men are guilty until proven innocent and women are innocent until proven guilty”. The saying is somehow correct too and since our Constitution of India, in the Preamble itself says that there should be equality for all, so no matter whether the wrong has been done by men or women, the liability should be the same for all. If boys were on remand for some time, even these girls should too and ultimately the punishment should be to send them to juvenile centers.
And this is not just the end of the story, the IT Act, itself says than sexually explicit content should not be shared then I guess the monitoring of such crimes should have a better way to keep everyone safe. So there is a need for certain amendments in the law.

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