‘You might say that achhe din is here,but then the signs are lacking.’ said Mahua Moitra
Mahua Moitra during her maiden speech.

A spirited spin at the mic was praised as the “lecture of the year” on social media by a first-time woman MP in India’s parliament, in which she mentioned the “signs of early fascism.”

Listing seven reasons for the movement of the nation towards fascism, Mahua Moitra blasted the governing BJP-led Center over its NRC policies in Assam and Bengal, sloganizing its political and religious loyalty, its contempt for human rights and the subjugation of the mass media.

  • The country is being divided. In our domestic fabric, there is a strong and ongoing nationalism. It’s superficial, xenophobic and narrow-minded. It is a willingness to separate and not to unite.”
  • She pointed to a “resounding contempt for human rights” that between 2014 and 2019 had led to a 10-fold rise in hate crimes”.
  • Ms. Moitra criticized the government for “unimaginable mass media subjugation and control.” She said India’s television channels were spending “most airtime propaganda on the ruling party.”
  • She assaulted the government because what she said was “domestic safety obsession.” The nation was pervaded by an “environment of fear,” creating fresh enemies every day.
  • The government is now intertwined with religion. Do I even have to talk about this? Need I remind you that the meaning of being a citizen has been redefined? “The legislation had been modified to target Muslims, she requested.
  • She said “full contempt for intellectuals and the arts” and “the oppression of all dissent” was the most hazardous sign of all – and it was “the return of India to the Dark Ages.
  • The last dangerous sign, Ms. Moitra said, was the “erosion of our electoral system’s freedom.”

She said the Constitution that every House member has “sworn to safeguard” is “today under threat.”‘ Of course, you may disagree with me, you might say that achche din is here,’ she said, pointing to the Treasury benches,’ but then the signs are lacking.’

Ms Moitra began her speech by “humbly and simply accepting the resounding mandate that this government has,” and immediately suggested caution, adding, “But it is the very overwhelming nature of this mandate, of the whole mandate that makes it necessary for us to be heard today in order to hear the voice of dissent today.”

TMC's Mahua Moitra

After winning her first election from the 2016 Karimpur Assembly seat, Moitra became a politician. Moitra was one of the few MLAs to take over surveillance from the Narendra Modi govt. She lodged three requests against the social media of the governing party and alleged attempts to snoop. The cases in the Supreme Court are pending.

Quoting from “early warning signs of fascism,” a poster on display at Washington’s U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum. 

Here’s the speech you must watch!


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